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Report: Boeing may reacquire Spirit at higher price despite hating optics

Amid safety scandals involving "many loose bolts" and widespread problems with Boeing's 737 Max 9s, Boeing is apparently considering buying back Spirit AeroSystems, the key supplier behind some of Boeing's current manufacturing problems, sources told The Wall Street Journal. Spirit was initially spun out from Boeing Commercial Airplanes in 2005, and Boeing had planned to keep it that way. Last year, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun sought to dispel rumors that Boeing might reacquire… ( More...

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jmilleratp 1
It would be great if the Boeing CEO called a Press Conference, came to the podium and said, "We have no idea what we're doing," turned around and left.
mbrews 5
Good post, Torsten. Sounds intriguing. Spirit makes fuselages at Witichita KS USA. And Spirit makes fuselages in Ireland. In the EU.

Intrigue #1 - would this mean that Boeing controls the allotment / sequence of AIRBUS single aisle airframes ??

Intrigue # 2 I don’t know the current material flow of A320neo and A220 fuselages to the AIRBUS Alabama USA assembly factory.

As I recall, Delta Airlines USA expects MANY new A220 and A320 neos to be delivered from the Alabama plant (in their neighborhood of Atlanta GA USA).
djames225 2
Ireland (old Short Brothers mnanufacturing acquired from Bombardier) A220 Wings, pylons and related materials, mid fuselage and aft fairing pkg.
Prestwick Scotland builds all the wing leading and trailing edge pieces for the A320 family.
Kinston North Carolina A350 central section panels, front wing spar and fixed lead edge.

I have a feeling that Airbus will put in a request to section off Spirit's divisions and purchase the Short Brothers and Prestwick operations. Then move the A350 parts production there.

The A220 Fuselages are mostly assembled at Airbus Mirabel then shipped


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