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How One Tweet Started Fake “Near Miss” Stories

On February 24, a number of aviation social media accounts and news outlets broke a story about a supposedly serious runway incursion at Johannesburg's OR Tambo Airport in South Africa. They painted the 'incident' as having potentially serious consequences, labeling it as a 'near miss'. It turns out that was far from the truth. ( More...

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Bayouflier 9
I'm going out on a limb and accusing Aeroexplorer of starting the whole thing.;)
druck13 6
Most of the plane tracker sites can be very misleading, as instead of only showing planes at the reported locations from ADSB data, they aim to give a smooth animation between points. When data is not recieved there are changes in speed or direction, aircraft can appear to travelling along a completely different path to reality, before eventually they snap back when an ADSB location is received.

I've seen plenty of what looks like near misses in the air or on the ground, even planes seemingly taxing through therminal buildings, until they suddenly jump back to where they actually are.
Yassine Cherfouni 2
Well , we are not the going to discuss “ The Definition “ of Near-Miss : if one goes to the dictionary, you would see for yourself that it Means What it Means:

Close call / Near collision or something that falls short of connecting
The biggest nightmare for a “ Pilot “ At Times we don’t have a visual. Should one Know , It very common to have “ A near-Miss” incidents especially on the Ground .That Would include, Push- back , with or Without Wing- Walkers, Land and Hold- Short , Incursions, Mistakes by other Crew Members or Controllers.

If we are to discuss the Near- Miss reference Aviation Safety close calls , There are experienced By our Follow crew Members Everywhere and Everyday .

If we had Advertise each and every single “ Near- Miss incidents we won’t be Able to have any passengers on our planes , especially for people with fear of flying.

A Big shoutout for our Towers , Controllers and our follow Pilots .

Keep our ground and skies Safe .
sparkie624 5
That is one reason I dumped Twitter a LONG time AGO! they are nothing more than Fake News!
ken young 13
Twitter isn't a source of news. Its a cesspool of nonsense, half truths and rumors. If one gets their news from Twitter(X) they are useful idiots.
sparkie624 10
I would call them Useless Idiots!
godutch 6
...wondering if you said the same thing about X (Twitter) under the old they were deleting comments, hiding the truth, blocking and throttling members, etc, etc, etc??? Not accusing, just wondering? (By the way, I agree on the cesspool comment)
No, they wouldn't have! You know that and I know that, and they know as well, they just don't care!
ALL media sources are cesspools to one degree or another of nonsense, half-truths, and rumors. This, of course, includes the alphabet legacy corporate media - ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBC ad nauseam, as well as the NYTimes, WaPo, et al.

Twitter is not alone in this, nor is it solely a source of the things you mention.

Like many things, it is a tool, and like many tools, it can be useful or harmful, depending on how it's used.
You missed the biggest one of all, Andrew……

I’ll give you a clue. It’s the one that calls themselves an “entertainment channel” each time they’re hauled in to court. The one that paid out nearly a BILLION $$$ in a lawsuit settlement to avoid their owner and talking heads having to testify under oath publicly. And the same one that has been banned in overseas countries for having failed to meet the tougher broadcasting standards.

Any guesses?
godutch -2
Andrew only mentioned the lying, agenda-based, Democrat/leftist/liberal party mouthpieces. That 'other one' is only slightly agenda-based - to the right. Real freedom and liberty based American companies should give 2 shits about other countries leftist standards.
Slightly biased? Wow, where you been, man????
I see, you completely IGNORED the banned entity ! Nice, very nice showing your true colors……sigh Typical, uninformed rube.
So then you don't know if they're still Fake News since Musk bought them, if you dumped Twitter "a LONG time AGO" and haven't been back.

Maybe give it another look, now that their penchant for suppressing, canceling, deplatforming, and banning those (i.e. conservatives, Libertarians, anyone who challenged the Left) who expressed points of view contrary to The Regime's preferred narrative has been scuttled.

To wit: Liberal anti-Trumpist (i.e. he's NOT a conservative) Alex Berenson who was banned from, sued, and was reinstated to, Twitter because he posted TRUTHS about Covid and the clot shots that The Regime didn't like.
Personally, I don’t like anyone that calls themselves Chief Twit………
JohnTuthill 3
The term "Near Miss" is misused. If you nearly miss something you actually hit it. In example, "I nearly missed my train" means you made the train but almost missed it. So, the use of "near miss" in any form to mean something almost happened is wrong.
alan curtis 4
I disagree. A "near miss" is not the same thing as "nearly miss". My random googled dictionary has near meaning "at or to a short distance away; nearby." So I think of "near" as a synonym for "close", and to me a "close miss" is what these incidence are.
James Patterson 1
The media (or in this case the social media) echo chamber at work. Somebody reports or misreports an event. Somebody else “reports” that there is a report of said event. Others report on the reports. Soon there are “reports” of twitter or whatever blowing up with reports of something. It’s ridiculous.
Forbes Mercy 1
I'm thinking 12 reporters should leave the profession. The irresponsibility of not confirming a story before putting it out for public consumption is unforgivable when that is their only job.
James Mauch 1
I suggest that the recent spate of ‘near misses’ and not-so-near-misses in the last couple of years (e.g., runway incursions are 25% higher than a decade ago according to NYT), has created an environment of credibility when someone gins up a story of yet another spectacular near miss. If it weren’t for the fact that we are experiencing an alarming increase of real near misses and hits, I don’t think this story would have gotten legs.
Looks like the old horseshoe game an gernades story. Almost.
EMK69 -8
Anyone who believes any "news" source has a fool for a client. Anytime I see something no matter who is reporting it I do my research. Blaming one source for misinformation is akin to being your lawyer in a court of law.

I hate to shake up Flightawre but you have been trapped in the past by jumping on "Aviation News" which turned out to be half truth half fiction.
sparkie624 5
Your term "Anyone" pretty much voids your statement, and the "fool" is just as bad or worse!


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