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FAA Adds Boeing 787 jets to Anti-Ice System Concerns

The Federal Aviation Administration has raised new concerns about the anti-ice systems on Boeing 787 jets. ( More...

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rob strong 6
Has anyone at Boeing been fired? How about the FAA for approving exemptions? Hilarious that the FAA is now issuing "scathing reports" on safety to Boeing after basically doing nothing for a decade.
Bill Overdue 1
Someone held accountable? Of course not! No different than politicians.
joe johnson 3
A Captain I flew with years ago said it best, "The most expensive thing this company does, is save money."
Bill Overdue -1
Well, its nice to know the current problem isn't a holdover from the previous icing problem, and it's not just one model of airplane, it both the Dreamliner and MAX that have de-icing issues. Additionally, the 787 MAX has relatively minor issues, while the Dreamliner has "real damage", as opposed to "fake" damage where the aircrafts previous flaw wasn't as bad as real damage but worse than "relatively minor" damage? The hits just keep on coming ...


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