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Delta Pilot Charters Entire A330 for Retirement Send-Off

One captain took his retirement flight to a whole new level. ( More...

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Wow! That had to be a pretty expensive retirement ride. Takes the $100 hamburger trip to a whole new level.
Good for him!! It was his earned money and he did what he wanted. I was a 747 driver, but PA folded before I could do the same!!!
wow..i wish him well..he must have a sizeable retirement fund or 401K to afford such a personal sendoff!i hope del gave him an employee discount~!
Kevin Keswick 4
This would have cost at least $500,000

It costs about $30,000 / hour to charter an A330 - Dallas to Honolulu via San Francisco is about 9 hours give or take half an hour so right there $540,000 to which we have to add catering for 100 guests so the final tab would be substantial.

I am happy for Captain Keith and I wish him a long and happy retirement.
Kevin Keswick 1
* $540,000 based on ROUND TRIP
sparkie624 3
Sounds about right.... Keep in mind... Fuel, Maintenance, staffing... There are a lot of hidden cost to keep one flying... Go buy a plane, even a small one... they are not cheap to maintain.
How much fun is this? It can't be easy to take off your wings after such a long career. I'm hoping that one day I flew with him! Who knows? Happy landings, Captain.
sparkie624 5
I know a lot of Retired airline pilots who actually already have a GA Aircraft and just fly for the fun or it!
Good for him. I'm sure everyone on board had a lovely time and the Aloha spirit was a great way to retire.
Victoria Auerbach 2
Congrats! Good for him! Well deserved it after 33 years!
jvdawsey 2
Contratulations Captain !! glad Seniority still matters and what a ride out into retirement . Always loved Delta as hometown behemoth , but after $1 billion bailout during pandemic , which they split up amongst themselves , hard to care much ... nearly impossible for normal people to even catch a flight in ATL anymore .
Jeff Smith 2
Go big or go home
sparkie624 5
I think he is doing both.... Big First then going home!
sparkie624 2
I wish him the best of retirement... I cannot wait til I can start mine!
James OReagan 1
This is my all time favorite squeak!!! Truth be told, Keith and I went to flight school together out in Lubbock, land of the full right rudder, so I'm a little prejudice. Great pilot, husband, father, and friend.
Doug Fehmel 1
Great article. Tears in my eyes, along with the great respect for the Captain and for Delta.
Victoria Auerbach 1
Congrats! Good for him!
That's a pretty cool send off! Upwards of $100k ...
avionik99 -6
His union must have got him some pretty damn good pay raises to afford this.
It wasn't his union, it was his seniority! Stay anywhere for 30+ years and you'll see. Ask me, I stayed 35!


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